Home Security


Protect your family and your property with Security Blanket. Our systems can be monitored via wireless technology. No phone line is needed to get reliable security. Security Blanket installs systems that can be armed and disarmed remotely through a smart phone app. Protecting your property and your loved ones has never been easier!



Business Security

Security Blanket can create a customized security solution to meet your business needs. From basic security systems to systems with access control, video, automation, or fire alarms – we’ve got you covered. Have each person to have their own arming and disarming code- get access to change codes when employees leave. Giving you the business owner control over the system.

Residential Camera Systems


Keep an eye on your home while you are not there. Receive real time notifications via our mobile app from anywhere. See service vendors, your shop and storage building, and check in on the kids!



Commercial Camera Systems

Check up on things at the office from anywhere! Keep an eye on employees and customer interactions from our mobile app! Get real time notifications of movement after hours on our HD or IP cameras. Footage can be recorded on DVR or NVR on site and easily played back.

Smart Home / Automation

Forgot to lock your door? No problem! With our Z-Wave devices, you take back control and create the smart home you have always dreamed of! With thermostats, lighting, and locks controlled from your phone, you can let the dog walker inside your home without giving your alarm code. Be the smartest house in the neighborhood with Security Blanket.

Access Control

Adding access control to your school, church, and/or business has become a necessary part of daily functions. Access Control allows you to decide who has access to certain rooms and/or buildings. Access Control with Security Blanket allows you to keep a log of who enters and exits the secure door and helps identify authorized personnel with the right credentials with pin numbers, cards, keyfobs, or biometric scans.

Fire Protection

From small businesses to manufacturing facilities keeping your employees and customers safe is always a top priority. Rely on the skilled professionals at Security Blanket to create a comprehensive Fire Alarm System that is compliant with local, state, and national fire codes.

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